Where I am at I take the Interstate system into the local  major city where the speed limit is 80mph and some people drive it at 90mph. Usually going to work I will keep it around 75mph but on the way home I take it easy at 65mph. The Sentra can easily handle the faster speeds and still gets better mileage than my other car but I don’t need  to go fast all of the time.

Sometimes when I’m driving along I will notice something that happens more with the Sentra than my other car when dealing with traffic. Typically traffic doesn’t really stand out as anything unique until you attempt to pass someone and on the Interstate you have a second lane to make that task a little easier and less imposing on the other drivers but every once in awhile there will be someone that doesn’t want to be passed. This person will speed up when you attempt to overtake them and maintain a speed to force you back behind them. And really, I’m guilty of this myself from time to time if I notice that the person passing me has been driving badly because I don’t want them doing something stupid ahead of me.

But with the Sentra, I’ve noticed that a LOT of people do this to me. Today I had to show someone, nicely, that the car isn’t just some pokey old rust bucket. No, this thing can be a Rust Rocket (with enough time to accelerate) and hold its own on the Interstate.

So I’m merging into traffic and the guy behind me is in a newer vehicle with California plates. I clearly should have waited a bit longer for him to pass but there was no traffic beside him and he had the ability to move over if I was going to be a problem. Just as expected he passed me as I was trying to get the car up to speed but eventually, at 75mph, I was getting close enough to him that I needed to pass him. Just as I was about to do this, then he suddenly surges ahead when before there apparently was no reason to.

Normally I would just let this go but I saw no harm in showing off a little so I sped up to match him at 80. I calmly drove and ate my lunch as we moved along and I kept my eye on the traffic around the car. Eventually though I guess he wanted to go back to his slower pace and I happily passed him and kept going this way all the way to town.

What I think that helped is that it was some guy from out of state that was being careful but still thought I couldn’t maintain that kind of speed in this old car. But, I expect to see this continue to happen as I drive the Sentra especially in the area I am in where egos are high on the road. No self-disrespecting cowboy is going to allow a old import car pass him …