Although I mean to be out and about more with the Sentra and get some more reports on it, I haven’t been driving it a lot lately. This isn’t because of the car’s ability to run, rather that another issue happened just after I started to use it again.

After letting it sit while after getting the head gasket replaced I decided to drive it some since the brakes do work, just not the best at this time. The second day out my driver’s window felt like something had fallen into the regulator and gummed it up but then while trying to get the glass to go back up, it felt as if I was crushing glass. I never did get it to go all the way back up so now it sits about an inch down all of the time.

Being summertime and it is nice to have the window down while driving, this development takes some of the enjoyment out of the daily commute especially on hot days. So, when it is really warm out I have had to let it sit in the driveway while I take something else. I would use the factory air conditioner if it was still in the car but that system was removed long before I got the car and before my grandparents owned it as well.

Again all is not lost. Despite the car being 30 years old, it still has some surprisingly modern technology used in its parts. I went through my parts catalog and found that the car uses a modern cable-style window regulator and that NAPA had one for about $35. Just to be sure that was exactly the problem, I spoke with my friend that runs the local body shop about it. He was first surprised that the car used the cable style regulator and then confirmed that from my description that it had failed. The cables come apart and the mechanism binds up then you can’t roll it anymore.

After ordering the new part and waiting the typical week for it to get to my local store, I now have the part but will need a little help getting it in. I can see how it is done but I can’t feel exactly how to get the door pad off without breaking something so one of these days I need to have my friend help me.

Maybe this weekend I can get it done along with the brakes and then I can go cruising before the weather turns cold once again.