After sitting idle for over a month, the Sentra has returned to the road and then parked. My mechanic was able to get into the engine and change out the head gasket. The parts took about a week to get here and of course it included more than just the head gasket because of the things that need to come apart as well. To just make sure it was done right we made sure to replace the timing belt as well.

I asked him the one cylinder was clean from basically being steam cleaned and he said that the head gasket had broken through to two cylinders so there was a bit more cleaning than expected. Despite this everything is back together and the engine is running almost as it should, meaning that there is still something not quite right with it. It does run better but now it won’t come out of high-idle but it isn’t the worst issue so I will look at it later.

The reason I say that the car went from being on the road to being parked is because there is another important issue that needs to be addressed as soon as I can get to it. My mechanic was telling me that the brakes on the car are really bad and should be replaced soon. He even tried to order new pads and the parts guy at NAPA was a bit confused because I had just recently picked up new brake equipment for the car. I had to tell him that I had planned on doing the brake repairs myself but the head gasket thing happened first. Right now I’m just dealing with some other issues and cannot get to the rest of these repairs yet.

I am looking forward to getting the car on the road again soon and also working on getting a few more repairs done. I have new axles and a clutch kit on my Christmas list so we will see how it goes.