Every so often I search the Internet for 87 Sentra cars to see who has them still and who is selling them. Pretty much all of them are too far away for me to even look at much less purchase but it has been nice to see them listed on Craigslist and sometimes on eBay.

Just recently one of my cousins pointed me to a barter page on Facebook where someone had an 84 Sentra Hatchback/Wagon for sale and it opened up a whole other search that I had never considered. Instead of searching Facebook for other people, I searched for “87 Sentra” and I was surprised to find so many people listing them for sale.

Despite finding so many Sentra cars of the same year, there are still only a small number of them in the same style as mine and in original condition. In any case its good to see that others are still seeing the value in them and keeping them on the road.