I know I’ve said that I’m searching for parts all of the time but recently I saw something that gave me a little excitement. Something that made me realize that my adventures with this car could go on indefinitely.

Most of my primary maintenance parts come from my local NAPA store and it helps that they are between my home and work so that it isn’t out of the way to get stuff there. The people that run it are friendly, helpful, and willing to listen to me go on and on about this little car. From time to time I will watch their screens to see what options they can provide but hadn’t gone into much search on my own until just this last week.

I happened to be on NAPA Online and noticed that I could do a general search for anything that would work with the Sentra rather than looking for a specific part. The list that it produced was far longer than what I had expected and in that list were some parts that I had no idea I could even get there, or anywhere for that matter.

Now, Nissan has been using the same engine in their Sentra line for a long time and you can even now get a 1.6L version for the Sentra SR Turbo. With that it would stand to reason that I could obtain a new engine through NAPA and sure enough it was listed in this general search. What was also listed is what took me aback for a moment and gave me the hope that the car will just live on forever (mechanically anyway) and that was the transmission.

So pretty much I’m set for parts and NAPA will continue to be my go-to spot for general maintenance on the car. Things I cannot find through them I and still able to get online for now. Which is good because I need more ideas to write down and share.