I have contacted Nissan about my Sentra over the years to get some feedback on various aspects including computer information, parts resources, and to let them know one of their cars is still running after 30 years. In each case the response has been friendly and the response time has been quick but the feeling I get from them is just cold.

While talking with people online to find out more from other 1987 Sentra owners, they have expressed the same sentiment. Then I stopped by my local dealership to ask a parts question and no one there gave it a second thought. I know the last time I was there the mechanics where all gaga over it but the rest of the staff was apparently dismissive. If you aren’t there to buy a new one, then move along.

When I contacted them about the car turning 30 I didn’t expect much but what I did get was much of the same as I got from the dealer. They thanked me for writing, said they liked hearing from people, and then wanted me to buy a new vehicle. Figures.

Despite this, I still think that Nissan is missing out on a little opportunity with the owners of these older vehicles. If they showcase the people that own, drive, and maintain their cars and they last this long then that shows a quality product that the company can say about all their cars. Subaru has that kind of campaign by highlighting the people that keep their cars the longest, they are a great influence on their family and friends’s future cars.

Overall I enjoy what Nissan has developed with this car and the current renditions and if I could afford to buy a new one, I’m sure I would get another Sentra; possibly the Sentra NISMO, but that idea will just have to wait.