Because of the recent cold I’ve had the car parked since it was just too cold to be in it. The thermostat was stuck open and not only was it freezing for me to drive the car, the engine was also freezing cold no matter how much you drove it. It would heat up nicely if you let it sit for a while but once you got on the road, it would once again become a deep freeze.

I did try to change this but I couldn’t get on the bolts to remove the thermostat housing so I ended up taking it to my mechanic. Since I was having him do this I opted to have him do a coolant flush as well and just make everything fresh in there. Now, now I have heat and its so nice to drive.

The other benefit to this is that not only should the car run better but it should also get better mileage when its cold. The fuel mixture is heated partially by the coolant circulating through the intake manifold walls and now it should be more efficient.

While I had the car in the shop I had to order a new cap for the oil fill port on the valve cover. The old one, pictured above, had degraded and was no longer doing a good job of keeping the oil in the engine. It’s a hard rubber plug yet the old one had changed from the heat, cold, and time it has been on the car and had become very hard. It was difficult to remove and put on unless the engine was warmed up and once it was on it wouldn’t seal properly, letting oil splash up and out.

If anyone knows Japanese, can you tell me what it says on this cap? I’m assuming it’s something about Nissan and Oil. I’m going to keep it, the new one is devoid of markings.