I have an update on the Sentra but I wanted to touch on something a little different just once. As noted my Sentra was obtained from my grandparents and while they owned it, they also had a Datsun which had gone from being their primary car to being my grandfather’s side vehicle. This, as shown in the photo, is a 4-Door 1978 Datsun b210.

Aside from the faded paint and the badge not fitting correctly on the side, the car is in pretty good shape. As far as I know it’s all there and it will run with a little tuning because it has been sitting there for a number of years. I would be driving it myself but I’m too tall to get behind the wheel so instead I’m looking for a buyer.

It’s currently sitting in northern South Dakota and I know the interior is dark blue and that it has a manual transmission but other than that I will need to do some checking to find out all of the details. Also I do have the title for it.

I’m not sure if you can even get parts for it but once its out of my hands I won’t worry about what gets done with it.