As we start 2017 the Sentra starts it’s 30th year of operation. It looks a little rough around the edges and has some quirks with the mechanics but overall it’s doing really good for a car of this age that has been driven for most of that time.

The bitter cold that started out this year has kept me from addressing some of the repairs needed and also from being able to post any updates on the car. While I continue my quest to repair and drive this little car I will also continue to make efforts to document what is going on with it. Also I want to try and get some major repairs planned out and completed this year to really give the car that like-new look again.

Some of the elements I need to do: Replace the brakes and brake fluid, replace the bearings, replace the thermostat, flush the coolant system, and repair the exhaust system.

The extras I want done: Replace the hood and front fenders and get them painted, sand and repaint the rest of the body, replace the grille and headlight assemblies, tint the windows, and install a Bluetooth Stereo with new speakers.

In addition to all of this, I want to compose a little letter to Nissan and tell them about the car and my work on it. I don’t expect anything from it, I just would like to let them see what is being done with one of their remaining creations from that year.

Lots of work to get done, I just can’t wait until it warms up again to get more done.