It gets cold up here and recently the temperatures came close to -30F but even without a block heater, the Sentra starts up and runs just fine. However, the saga continues on the issues with the correct water temperature readings and it has been determined that my engine thermostat has gone bad. When I should be driving in comfort on these frigid days I instead about freeze solid in the car.

There is heat coming out of the heater vents but it isn’t much and the temperature gauge won’t raise up while I’m driving. I had suspected something was up with the thermostat but I wasn’t really sure after reading some articles on it online. It just took a few minutes with my father to pin the issue down.

Not being primarily a mechanic it sometimes takes another person to point me in the right direction. Apparently the thermostat is stuck open just enough to never let the engine warm up as the coolant is always going through the radiator.

So while the car does run, I decided to let it sit while I worked on getting the parts needed to repair this. When I stopped at NAPA they surprised me because the thermostat was available the next day. However, when I asked about the gasket that was a different result. It’s been a week now waiting but this is what I have come to expect for parts on this car and I’m patient … I can wait.