There is always the worry that one day the engine is going to give up the ghost and then the car will have to just sit. What will I do when I can’t keep it running anymore, especially with limited parts available to a basic overhaul? Well, all is not lost with resources and technology.

The first and simplest approach would be to just overhaul the engine that I currently have which could be fairly expensive but considering all the time and money I have already put into it, this would be totally acceptable. However, if the block or heads are damaged beyond repair, then we have to go out into the world and find a good replacement.

While searching for a hood for the car I found a salvage yard link that connects all of the yards across the country and in that I could see there where many engines out there just waiting for someone to use them. Despite the car being 30 years old, I doubt many of the ones in the salvage yards have been driven all of that time and would be good to use in a rebuild project. And maybe one of these days I might just get one to have on hand, just in case.

My other idea is to tear out the entire fossil fuel system and go fully electric.This would be more expensive to build and might be just a tab bit heavier but just a little more satisfying in the end. With the advancements in EV technology I might actually get pretty good range out of but I would probably do less adventuring with it though. Yet, if I put solar cells on the roof and trunk lid, I could let the car trickle-charge while it sat around outside during the day and you can’t get that from gasoline.

The only other option I have been considering lately would be to just upgrade. I wouldn’t mind having the upcoming Sentra NISMO …