Living in a northern climate I have to make adjustments in not only my daily life to account for changing temperatures but also dealing with my vehicle needs. This little car does alright with the fall temperatures but as it gets colder I have to change some things in order to stay warm inside the vehicle.

The high tech addition of a sheet of cardboard between the radiator and the front grill restricts the cold airflow just enough to keep the engine cool but also allows it to stay warm enough to keep me from freezing to death. But the thing that I cannot do anything about is the loss of my great mileage.

I’ve seen those reports were it is said that you don’t need to idle your engine for very long in the cold because it doesn’t take long for the engine to reach operating temperature. The fault with this idea is that if it is below zero outside, it is below zero inside the car. Driving around with frozen hands and feet are not my favored things so therefore I have to let the car idle until I can drive it comfortably.

What all of this idling does is suck up fuel that I could be driving with and therefore I just can’t go as far in it as I would like to. Despite my concern for getting the most out of the car as I can, I’m not really looking to become a hypermiler. I will suffer through the changes and hope for warmer days again.

The one irony with the car is that despite its small size, I can go through snow like no other car. I’ve driven through snow up to the headlights on roads that were no longer visible and the only tracks were from 4×4 trucks. The narrow tires and the forward weight of the car make it easier to drive on wet or icy roads and just in case I do get stuck, it takes very little to push it by hand. Mu other mid-sized vehicle tends to slide around more and lifts up on any snow getting stuck on a collection of packed snow underneath it.

So as Winter comes, there are some annoyances but I will survive as I always have.