Aside from being the fourth owner, I really do drive this every day to work and so it really isn’t all that glamorous under the hood. The car was in a garage most of the time when my grandparents had it but after they passed and the car wouldn’t run, it was put out in the weeds with other rusting vehicles on my parents farm. Over that time period it has become a little rusty and some items have escaped maintenance from that.

Plus, as I drive it, the rain, the mud, the snow, and anything else that splashes up under it has taken away the lovely black and produced this urban camouflage to hide the car from the newer and sportier models.

One day while I was changing the oil I happened to notice that the front motor mount wasn’t really doing anything. I grabbed it and the metal bar rattled on the bolts as the rubber shock material had all but disintegrated. Off to NAPA again for another part and with a week or so I had the new one.

Usually I try to do everything I can by myself when it comes to repairs. I’m no expert but I can figure things out well enough yet there are some things that even I have to give in on. The bolts that hold this mount in are nearly rusted solid and without air tools there is no way I’m going to be able to remove it from the car.

So in this case I will have to defer to my mechanic and see what he can do with it. Then I will have another shiny new part nestled among the array of rust.