A few seasons ago the snow was just covering about two inches of the ground where it had been bladed and the sun was out to melt it away. I was heading home and I got a little cocky with the car by revving the engine to spin and slide through the powder but then lost control around a corner. The result was, as the picture above shows, that I has damaged the hood, fender, and the headlight assembly. The mailbox unit I ran into was now on the ground.

After dealing with the police and the city then repairing the damage to the mail box unit, I was left with the painful task of trying to find another hood and fender. For a car that is over twenty years old and not a popular model, finding parts in general is hard but to find new and clean body parts was going to take a miracle.

I checked with various parts shops and looked at lists to find out exactly what part number it was and as time went on it was getting more and more hopeless. Even if someone had a new hood for sale, they wanted around $300.00 for it and then they refused to ship it because of the potential of it getting damaged. Eventually I gave up on ever finding one and bought a body hammer and dolly set to just remove the dents myself.

While I was trying to figure out how to do my own body work, Nissan released a commercial where they crush a Sentra. A clean car with no rust. And they crushed it.

Well, I continued to search around and eventually I found one by pure luck of the draw. There was someone on eBay selling a bunch of brand new replacement hoods for only $80 with free shipping. I couldn’t lose and when it showed up at my door, it was just blown away at how that reality came about.

After that ordeal I finally found a place that carries replacement body parts specifically for crash repair shops. Now not only do I have a new hood but also both front fenders, headlight assemblies, and two new grilles all for less than $200. When I get a little more cash built up I’m taking all of it to the local body shop to paint and mount all of it on the car.

Hopefully after that, I won’t do another stupid maneuver to damage it again.